Estimated Time to Resolve: 2-4 Weeks


Did you get an Ultimate Direction shipment notification that included a FedEx tracking number, but your package is lost or stolen? 

Unfortunately Ultimate Direction cannot be held responsible or reship packages that were lost or stolen after they have left our warehouse. In the event that your package is lost or stolen, a claim will need to be filed with FedEx. Claims with FedEx are not guaranteed to be approved. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the customer to track their package with the tracking number provided by Ultimate Direction at the time of shipment, to ensure proper arrangements are made to receive the package on the FedEx estimated delivery day/time.

If you cannot make proper arrangements to be present when your Ultimate Direction package is estimated to arrive, please contact FedEx directly to make delivery arrangements. For more information, visit or call 800.GoFedEx (800-463-3339).

To file a claim directly with FedEx, please visit the FedEx Claim Resolution Center.

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